Google Glass and Cloud Computing.

June 24, 2013

By Abdul (from Cloud Tweaks.)

“Google Glass has been generating a lot of hype because of its capabilities which is an indication that technology is finally heading towards the direction of science fiction; a move that a lot of people growing up in the 70’s and 80’s have been anticipating for a long time. Google Glass is a wearable computer which opens up a lot of multimedia possibilities, not just for sharing and recording, but for consumption as well. The biggest possibility would be augmented reality. This brings a totally new piece to the board which will change the game once again. And this alone will already make Google Glass a worthy purchase.

Imagine the possibilities of augmented reality. The way we view the world will be totally changed, it will probably look like the interface of a game with different heads-up display (HUD) elements being shown. When can set up a waypoint of your destination on your map and get a visual cue on where it is exactly so you can just follow that barring a turn-by-turn system which will not be feasible for small streets and crowded market areas. You can set up reminders and checklists of things to do or buy and all of them visible in the corner of your eye, and it can even tell you which isle these products are located. The practical application of Google Glass is practically limited only by our imagination, and of course the infrastructure.”

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